About Me

Our Vision

Our vision is to motivate and inspire people to believe in themselves

My  Story

Ngah Dickson is the founder and CEO of Ngah Motivates (motivational speaker) and also an affiliate marketer. He has always believed that happiness comes from doing what you love to do best. He believes in making mistakes and learning. His favorite speaker Les Brown said, “If you don’t know something it is worth doing it badly until you get it right”. That is the code he operates in.
Ngah Dickson is fueled by his passion to inspire people to live their dreams and to believe that everything is possible so long as they believe in it.

I grow up in an average family I was born and rejected by my own father because I was premature. I suffered with my mother and that gave me the drive to give hope and motivate people all over the world 


Ngah Dickson Yufonyuy 

Founder & CEO

Born and rejected but was able to go through life with the stigma and now a motivational speaker and life coach. His famous quote if you believe you can achieve.