Separatists announce 5 day lock-down in Anglophone regions

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Separatists announce 5-day lock-down in Anglophone regions. The Ambazonia Military Forces, AMF has declared the 7th to the 12 of February 2020 as total lockdown days in the North West and southwest regions of Cameroon in a bit to frustrate the holding of the 2020 Municipal and Legislative elections in the regions.
lockdown in NOSO

According to a communique signed by the Ambazonia Military Forces High Command Wednesday, January 1, 2020, movements in the towns and villages of the English speaking regions have been restricted from the 7th to the 12 of February 2020 that is two days before the holding of the elections.

“On these days, anyone seen anywhere outside in our towns and villages will be considered an enemy and treated as such.” The communique reads. “The information is released at this point to enable the civilian population to take appropriate measures to stay safe.”

In the communique, Separatists announce a 5-day lock-down in Anglophone regions and they reiterate that the 2020 Municipal and Legislative elections will not hold in the two English speaking regions.

The AMF Executive High Command seize this opportunity to reiterate that there will be no elections in Ambazonia organized by the colonizer in Yaounde. Anyone suspected to be involved in those outlawed elections in any form or shape shall be dealt with according to the laws of the land.”

It is worth noting that during his 2019 end of year address to the nation, President Paul Biya disclosed that all security measures will be taken to ensure the holding of the elections across the territory.

The crisis that started in 2016 has increasingly been seen by many political analysts in the country as an unending crisis with several measures taken by the government to end the crisis. It is widely believed by many Cameroonians especially the separatist that, noting satisfactory has been done.

source: Cameroon Journal

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